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I'm just a girl with a hobby and a dream. My life is fueled by coffee... lots of coffee. And to set the record straight decaf is not coffee. I usually end up working with a dress-up tiara on my head, or consoling a hurt plush toy because I am an expert in all things 2-year-old girls like to play. Her name is London; she is my oldest and she is a doll! When the work isn't getting done it's because I'm making googly eyes at a hunk of a fella who likes to distract me with giggles and spit bubbles. His name is Harrison - only a few months old and he is a charmer! Does the coffee make since now? Poor Danny... he can't even stand the smell of coffee. He is the husband - married 6 years and in love since 8-years-old. Yes, real-life childhood sweethearts! My life is adorable!

When I grow up I want to own a bookstore with a cafe in it (duh... I'm crazy about coffee) and a design studio on the top floor. I love to read... mostly because books and coffee go hand-in-hand. But, until I receive funds to open The Vault (that's the name of the fictional bookstore of my dreams) my living room has great lighting and stuffed animals make the best co-workers.

The first wedding stationary I created was my own. It counted as a class project and yes, I got an A. I love all things print, but creating wedding stationary is my favorite. It's a magical experience... creating someone's wedding invitations. I like to think of myself as the person who creates the first glimpse into the best day of the Bride & Groom's life. Think of my computer mouse as a magic wand... I make dreams come true!


Journalism degree being put to good use.


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