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By Kaleh Sampson - Sunday, January 15, 2017

Social media exploded with proposal posts on Christmas day and the engagement announcements continued on through New Years day. So ladies, you said yes! Congratulations! As soon as you set the date it's time to start planning your wedding stationery. The popular wedding stationery trends this year will not disappoint. Your wedding stationery is the first glimpse into your wedding day. Give your guests a hint of what to expect on the big day and make sure they will be so intrigued that they will graciously accept your invitation without hesitation.

Your wedding stationery should follow a theme or basic design concept. Typically, this theme will coordinate with the decor of the wedding. Every piece in your stationery should incorporate similar design elements to create a visually pleasing aesthetic.

If your looking for inspiration try these popular trends that will be debuting in 2017.

Minimalist Design

Focus on allowing your font choice and text layout to shine through on your invitations instead of being buried by distracting images and add-ons. Don't expect to see many laser-cut designs this year or eccentric embellishments. Let your names be the focal point of the invitation. After all, you are the focal point of the wedding. Let your invitations follow suit. Add color and unique designs in other aspects of the wedding stationery... which brings me to....

Lavish Liners

Envelope liners are a great way to add a pop of color or a sneak peak into you wedding theme. They add value to your stationery and are sure to impress your guests.

KSD Wedding Invitations
Wondrous Watercolor

Watercolor is a hot trend this year in general. The great thing about watercolor is that it is such a broad category. You can you use watercolor backgrounds, watercolor calligraphy or even watercolor images. The sky is the limit and it's sure to be stunning.

KSD Wedding Invitations
Fancy Florals

Floral designs are timeless and elegant. You can't go wrong with florals. Even if you are planning a fall or winter wedding, floral designs can still be used. Pick a seasonal flower to correspond with your wedding date. Choose lighter, warmer floral colors for Spring and Summer weddings and darker, cooler colors for Fall and Winter weddings.

Even though rustic wedding trends were popular last year, I am are predicting to see them again this year accompanied with floral designs. I'm not complaining... I love all things burlap.

KSD Wedding InvitationsKSD Wedding Invitations