Paige and Igor Wedding Portrait

The Invitation Vision

Paige reached out after finding me on Instagram and asked if I could create a soft, sexy, romantic wedding invitations for her intimate gathering. Her color palette was a soft blush pink with neutrals and pops of gold. We decided to keep the main invitation card simple but elegant. I immediately knew the best way to create the soft, romantic vibe that she was going for would be a vellum wrap with vintage artwork printed on it.

The Artwork

I began the hunt for the perfect artwork! As soon as I saw it, I knew Paige would love it! It was the perfect balance of soft, romantic, and pink that we were looking for. The artwork is titled “Roses” and was painted in 1895 by a Grace Joel, a New Zealand Native. There were no other contenders. In fact, I didn’t even gave Paige any other options because it was so perfect. It printed beautifully on vellum! I brought the opacity down a bit make it a little softer but it felt like it was painted 127 years prior for this wedding stationery! In my opinion, the vellum wrap is what transformed the invitation suite to the romantic wedding invitations Paige was envisioning.

Paige and Igor’s Vellum Wrap with Vintage Artwork

The Wedding Invitations

To seal the vellum wrap around the stationery items, we chose a champagne colored chiffon ribbon to match the envelopes and sealed them with a gold wax seal. We also incorporated a “V” monogram in a delicate floral wreath to represent their married name “Voskresenskey.” The “V” was also used in the wax seal design as well.

The other pieces included in her invitation suite were a response card and envelope, and a details card. Originally, Paige’s wedding was going take place at her parent’s house in Gainsville, but it changed to the Sweetwater Branch Inn. The Details card included accommodations information as well as information for a welcome event that would take place the day prior.

Romantic Wedding Stationery for Paige and Igor
Full Wedding Stationery Suite
Wedding Invitation
Wedding invitation suite

The Day of Stationery

I loved everything about Paige’s invitation suite! In fact it might be my favorite custom invitation suite I’ve ever created to date. But the Day of Stationery was where we were really able to incorporate interesting facts about Paige and Igor. I’ll save the best part (my favorite part) for last. In all, we created menus, place cards for the head table, table numbers, a seating chart, a guest book sign, memory table sign, bar menu, and a coffee station sign.

The Wedding Signs

The signs we kept simple and used the same font and text color as the invitation suite throughout. We also included the monogram on all of them to tie them all together. All of the signs were printed on the same paper as the invitation suite. All of the signs were 5×7 except for the bar menu which needed to be an 8×10.

Guest Book Sign. Photo by
Wedding Memory Table Sign. Photo by

The Wedding Menus and Place Cards

The menus were also printed on the same paper and used the same fonts, colors, and monogram for consistency. The final size of the menu was 4×9.

The only place cards that Paige requested were for the head tables and we kept them simple but elegant. Instead of doing the tradition table tent card, we created a flat, 3.5×2 card and added a wax seal to it to make it stand out on the place setting.

Day of Stationery – photo by
Romantic wedding reception and table design. Photo by
Paige and Igor’s Wedding Menus

The Table Names

And now for my favorite part! But before we get to it you need to know that Paige and Igor are avid skiers. In fact, they have travel the world and visited many ski lodges and resorts. In fact Igor proposed on one of their skiing trips. To incorporate their love for skiing, table names instead of table numbers. Each table was named after a ski resort they visited and included a picture of the two of them from one of their trips. It was adorable and really made the wedding reception decor unique and personal to the two of them.

But… we still wanted the final look to feel soft and romantic and tie into all the the details.To achieve this extra vellum from the stationery that was flawed in some way and cut it down to size for the frames they were using for the table names. The name cards were printed and glued to either side of the vellum so it would be double sided. This created the perfect pop of blush and softness to the table scape. The cards included a picture that was usually just a cute selfie so to create consistency and elegance we gray scaled all the pictures and added the same floral wreath from her monogram around the picture.

Wedding table numbers. Photo by
Unique table numbers. Photo by
Paige and Igor’s Table Names and Seating Chart

The Seating Chart

The seating chart was created by using listing guest names by table number and attaching them to an ornate, gold framed mirror. The final size of the cards were 4×6. At the top of each card, I attached her wax seal. When I received the gallery from the photographer I saw that they included a decal of a couple in a ski lift to the seating chart mirror. Such a cute way to incorporate something the couple loves into their wedding day!

Romantic Seating Chart for ski lovers. Photo by
Seating Chart for ski lovers. Photo by

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